How it Works

The Advantages of Small Aperture Technology

The Apthera IOL offers unique and innovative technology to filter out unfocused light with its patented FilterRingTM component, so focused light reaches your retina and objects and text are once again clear. Small aperture technology is based on the same principle as an f-stop in a camera, in which:

  • A photographic lens aperture is used to adjust the amount of light entering the camera
  • Depth of focus, or focal range, is a function of both the size of the aperture and focal length of the camera lens
  • Smaller apertures produce a longer range of in focus

Change Over Time

You may have noticed a decrease in the quality of your vision sometime after you turned 40. It likely started with blurry near vision (also known as presbyopia) that eventually progressed to dull vision. This decrease in visual quality is due to changes in your eye’s natural lens. With small aperture technology, the Apthera lens, replaces your natural lens and helps give you a full range of clear vision.1 Now that’s brilliant.

Presbyopic Eye with Cataract

If the natural lens is unable to focus the light because of cataracts and presbyopia, it can be difficult to see clearly at any distance.

Expanding Range of Vision with the Apthera Lens

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Replacing the eye’s natural lens with an Apthera lens provides continuous, clear vision from near to far and everything in-between.1

Life is better without blur.

With astigmatism, the front of the eye is curved in a way that affects the eye’s ability to focus light, causing distorted vision. Because your Apthera lens includes small aperture technology, you’ll still see clearly, even if you have a low amount of astigmatism.1*

See the most in every moment.

The Apthera lens is designed to help you achieve the most of every moment with high-definition vision that transitions seamlessly across your field of vision. With an exclusive combination of leading visual technologies selected specifically for you, and the power of pure, focused light, the Apthera lens gives you continuous vision for everyday living.