Discover the Apthera Lens

Achieve your best personal vision with the Apthera IOL

The Apthera IOL is a replacement lens exclusively designed to give you the advantage of clear, focused vision from near to far, and everything in between. The Apthera IOL is intended for use in just one eye and is paired with a monofocal or monofocal toric (astigmatism-correcting) IOL in the fellow eye. This powerful combination will be customized by your physician based on your visual and lifestyle needs to help you achieve your personal best vision.

The power of focused light

Only the Apthera IOL offers small aperture technology. Unlike other IOLs, it does not split, shift or stretch light. When light enters your eye, the small aperture technology filters out unfocused light that can cause blurry vision. With the Apthera IOL, light is naturally focused as it enters the eye and seamlessly expands your range of vision—so you can see objects, people, even text—across the full range of focal distances.1 Click here to download our patient brochure.

Clear vision across a full range, without blur1
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Helping cataract patients who have a low amount of astigmatism*1
Small aperture technology filters out unfocused light1
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Works seamlessly in bright and low light conditions1
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Customizable to achieve your best personal vision

How is light focused?

The Apthera IOL has a FilterRing™ component built within the lens. This FilterRing component creates a small aperture, allowing focused light to enter into the eye. Unfocused light that causes blurry vision is filtered away. This provides a continuous range of vision allowing patients to see from near (reading a cell phone), through intermediate (looking at a computer) to far (seeing a street light) without blurry zones.1