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The Apthera lens provides you with continuous, clear vision from near to far and everything in between. That means you’ll be able to check the map, snap a pic, or take in the view — seamlessly shifting your focus without blurry zones.

Your first step is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with an eye doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for the Apthera lens. During the eye exam, your eye doctor will discuss your vision requirements, eye health, the natural lens replacement option best for you, as well as all risks and benefits of cataract surgery and lens implantation.

If you are considering the Apthera lens, it is important to understand the following:

Visual recovery time varies – you may be able to see clearly at all distances within 24 hours to up to a few weeks

After cataract surgery, your vision may fluctuate throughout the day for the first four to six weeks

You will need to take eye drops as prescribed to help your eyes heal

Magnification may be needed for tiny print or reading in dim light as expected for any cataract replacement